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In other news my daughter is hilarious as always and had a blast as I got her to go down the stairs on her bum this morning which she thought was great! Haha. Quite a vision with me in front of her, going down the stairs backwards on my knees, with one foot in the air, moving the crutches down the stairs and her behind me (but in front of me because I was facing backwards) scooting down with two stair baby gates. It is usually necessary to resort to the aid of a Podiatrist (a foot doctor), who eliminates the accumulated blood underneath the nail through medical intervention. I was very happy when my mom got home from work today to help me out with my baby girl after all the stress my foot went through today. I don't know how I would get through this post surgery recovery phase without the help. It's a lot of work trying to wrangle a kid, play with her, change diapers all on one foot and crutches. I don't even have one "good" foot because my right foot, the bunion has actually been killing me too since I have to bear all my weight on it. Tonight it was killing me from having to rely on it so much today!bunion hard skin Hammertoe – a deformity that occurs when the second joint in the second, third or fourth toe becomes permanently bent – is a consequence of wearing shoes that are too tight or too narrow, or shoes with excessively tall heels. When toes are confined to these cramped quarters, the muscles in the toes actually shorten over time. Even bunions , which are generally thought to be a genetic condition, are exacerbated by wearing shoes that do not fit. Umeboshi Plums - Japanese pickled plums have a high acidity that, surprisingly, creates alkalinity in the body, creating energy and neutralizing fatigue, stimulating digestion, curing hangovers and helping the body eliminate toxins. There are basically three ways of dealing with an ingrown toenail. Surgery, is what almost everyone is aware of, Trying to lift the toenail with makeshift cotton materials, and the third that almost no one - aside from a few surgeons in the nineteenth century, and some more recently - is aware of. Find out more in this article. read more 5.) I’ve been prescribing prescription dress orthotics for decades with great success. Minimal bulk devices that velcro attach in heels can really redistribute weight, support, and help align the foot and lower leg. There are over-the-counter inserts, but “the gold program” is prescription devices from a podiatrist. Corns (small, round) and calluses (larger and less defined) are both thickening of the skin of the foot. The main cause is pressure from shoes or abnormality in walking gait. Bunions and hammertoes, by causing pressure on other toes, can lead to corns. They can cause pain if walking or shoes put pressure on them. The main cause of flat feet is hip dysfunction, which can be worked on by a chiropractor. Another major cause of flat feet is rigid shoes, especially for a baby. After a while, the foot muscles, which normally adjust to the terrain, atrophy and can no longer maintain an arch.